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Why Us

This page demonstrates BESECURE’s strengths that distinguish us among our competitors.

Experience and Expertise

Having worked on numerous projects, BESECURE has gained unmatched business and technological expertise. We have built a large database of knowledge that we apply to deliver solutions that meet customers' needs, expectations and budget.

Business Experience

BESECURE has over 6 years’ experience in providing Governance Risk and Compliance services and solutions for clients across the globe. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects of different sizes and complexity in various business and technology domains.

Vertical Expertise

Our rich business domain experience enables us to speak the same language with customers and understand their business needs easily. Our knowledge stretches from compliance services based on legal and regulatory requirements, design and implementation of advanced IT security solutions, delivery of information security training seminars, and delivery of managed security services to penetration tests and vulnerability assessments covering all phases of the life cycle of information security. This knowledge base and experience help us save clients' precious time and deliver the right solution for every specific situation.

Commitment to Quality

While retaining competitive rates we never compromise the quality of our services. A dedicated quality assurance department monitors project activities at all delivery phases and guarantees high quality & project risk mitigation results.

Personnel Quality

The quality of our people makes us stand out. We hire and retain only the best professionals. At BESECURE we set up a thorough personnel selection process and a challenging environment to grow and improve our large resource pool of subject matter experts.

Project Quality

BESECURE follows a proven development methodology on every project we undertake. Our Project Management Methodology (PMM) is directly based upon the PMBoK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) from the Project Management Institute Internationally accepted standards and BESECURE's experience guarantee outstanding results and allow us to better serve clients with regards to cost, quality and timeframes.

Customer-Focused Approach

BESECURE is a client-centric company. We make it our business to understand and help our clients to achieve their business goals.

Individual Approach

We thoroughly study each customer’s case. Depending on project requirements we engage a dedicated team of presales consultants to analyze and understand clients' specific objectives and needs to find the solutions that meet them.

Easy Communication

We understand that effective communication is crucial for success of any project. We establish a productive customer communication environment providing all the required resources. All our employees who are engaged in commutation with customers speak fluent English.

Trusted Security Services & Solutions Provider

BESECURE is recognized as the most trusted Information Security Solutions & Services Provider for leading national and international organizations. Indicative BESECURE offers services and solutions to:

  • 1 out of 5 World’s Largest Lottery Solutions Providers
  • 1 out of 50 Fortune Global 500 Retail Chain Companies
  • 2 out of 25 Largest European Financial Institutions
  • 7th World’s Largest Mobile Operator
  • 1 out of 3 Greece Largest Mobile Operators
  • 2 out of 3 Greece Largest Internet Service Providers
  • 3 out of 5 Largest Greece Financial Institutions

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