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A major concern for many organizations that are either in the process of evaluating cloud computing services or have already procured cloud computing services is assurance that their cloud service provider has adequate information security, i.e. confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical data stored by the cloud service provider while also balancing the need for confidentiality versus integrity versus availability. This has created a need for cloud assessment so that CSPs can prove by having a cloud certification that they offer these requirements in addition to cloud governance and cloud risk management.

The high adoption rate of cloud computing services has created a dire need for industry wide standardization and consistency in providing assurance that cloud service providers are effectively managing Security, Cloud Governance, Cloud Risk Management and Compliance expectations of their customers, particularly effective measurement and independent and objective validation of their cloud service provider’s Security and GRC posture.

CloudeAssurance platform is the industry’s first truly risk-intelligent cloud assessment rating and continuous monitoring system for assurance of cloud service provider’s security and governance, risk management and compliance.

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