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About BesecureCloud Platform

Besecure Cloud Platform delivers a dynamic, self provisioned, pay as you go, highly available and secure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The service delivers multi tenanted capability from a pool of IT resources (network, storage and compute) and provides customizable virtual environments based on a set of pre defined operating system templates (Windows and Linux).

The Besecure Cloud Platform hosted in a Fujitsu-owned Tier-3 UK Data Centre (the only one outside of the USA certified “Gold” by the Uptime Institute) is built using the latest enterprise technologies to ensure no single point of failure, achieving a target Service Level Availability (SLA) of 99.95% for the virtual infrastructure. In case of physical server fault, a Virtual Machine (VM) will restart on another server (data being processed at time of failure is not guaranteed). Data is stored on RAID 5 protected storage, with further protection provided using mirroring between storage cabinets. The Internet Connection is fully redundant, with a switchover time for equipment failure often less than one minute.

A primary requirement of Besecure Cloud Platform is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information, guaranteeing that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized users or simply lost. Within the context of Besecure Cloud Platform this manifests itself in the following areas:
  • Infrastructure Technical Standards – Adaption of technical standards for the infrastructure, including appropriate lock-down policies and security solutions such as endpoint protection.
  • Data Protection – Clear segregation of one customer’s information from that of any other customer ensuring that the information is protected from data leaks or access by third parties
  • Identity Management -Ensure that privileged and support user accounts are properly managed and that all users operating within the Besecure Cloud Platform offering are uniquely authenticated so that their activities may be tracked as required.
  • Physical and Personnel Security – Controlled physical access to the infrastructure to ensure that all access is documented. Availability - assurance that the assets will be available as per SLAs.
Security within the Cloud
Besecure Cloud Platform utilize a series of elements as shown in Figure, providing a picture for the cloud of layered security measures which focus on protecting the physical and virtual networks, core ancillary cloud services, virtualization hosts, as well as the virtualized workloads. Data Center is ISO27001 certified.

BesecureCloud Platform Overview

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