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Managed Log Retention
Log Retention Service is a managed security offering that will enable you to preserve 100 percent of logs on your network to satisfy data retention requirements for a wide range of compliance mandates. Utilizing Splunk's universal indexing capabilities, BESECURE’s Managed Log Retention customers will be able to collect, index and secure all security data from any application, server or device, such as firewalls, routers, computer servers, network intrusion prevention and detection systems, databases, etc. while keeping them secure and always available within BesecureCloud, an ISO27001 resilient and secure datacenter infrastructure platform.

Service Highlights

  • Collect and archive the raw logs in such a way that they are tamper-proof and forensic quality, thus meeting PCI DSS, SOX and other compliance requirements.
  • Highly efficient & resilient log storage powered by BesecureCloud Platform.
  • Powerful compliance reporting and log search capabilities.
  • BESECURE custom forensics analysis minded security dashboards provide advanced investigation, searching, reporting and event correlation features to encounter emerging Advanced Persistent Threats. (APTs)
  • Zero cost implementation, management or maintenance overhead.

Service Benefits

  • Satisfies log retention requirements for PCI DSS, SOX and other regulations.
  • Provides on-demand access to all log data.
  • Supports security and network troubleshooting
  • Maintains forensically sound log data for investigation and court proceedings.
  • No management or maintenance overhead.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other services for total security and compliance solutions.

Preview of BESECURE Log Retention Service

BESECURE Log Retention Service Preview View normalized and correlated realtime & history geolocation information from a variety of network devices.. Query specific origin of event and investigate further collected logs.
BESECURE Log Retention Service Preview Use predefined templates to perform security analysis based on historic or real time logs
BESECURE Log Retention Service Preview Search raw tamper-proof logs for forencics investigation or troubleshooting
BESECURE Log Retention Service Preview Build you own queries based on various filters such as specific period of time
BESECURE Log Retention Service Preview Perform correlation analysis of collected logs to identify security patterns, such as targeted attacks, BotNet communications, denied traffic from any host towards all destination IPs and services etc
BESECURE Log Retention Service Preview View events in real time as they happen as well historic reports from a variety of Cisco devices including PIX ASA & FWSM Firewalls, the Ironport Email Security Appliance (ESA), the Ironport Web Security Appliance (WSA), the Intrusion Protection System (IPS) and the Cisco Security Agent (CSA).
BESECURE Log Retention Service Preview Search and report on data collected from Cisco firewall devices such as FWSM, Pix, and ASA.
BESECURE Log Retention Service Preview Search information about the mail transaction, sender, receiver and attachments and easily mine for any transaction nested in the Cisco IronPort Email Security Appliance logs.
BESECURE Log Retention Service Preview Search and report all security relevant information about your Windows servers including succesfull and failed login events; RDP connections; added / deleted,locked / unlocked Windows Domain accounts; Local, Global, Universal Group Member changes; Windows domain policy changes; Products Installation history; missing patches etc.
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