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Managed IPS Service

Increasingly sophisticated malware and new automated methodologies are aiding attackers in their goals to penetrate business networks and steal valuable data, or try to disable or even take control of valuable network assets. Unfortunately, as awareness of potential threats grows, many businesses are struggling to manage their existing resources so as to ensure that sufficient dedicated security expertise and resources exist to maintain adequate levels of protection.

To combat such threats, both known and as yet unseen, BESECURE offers a new generation of intelligent security appliances which can assist security administrators both in detecting attacks (intrusion detection systems, or IDS) as they happen, and simultaneously providing the resources to block attacks (intrusion prevention system, or IPS) in transit within the network, thus preventing them from reaching their targets. Unfortunately, the cost and scarcity of trained personnel able to correctly implement and manage these new security solutions prevents many businesses from beneļ¬ting from the comprehensive protection these solutions can now provide.
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