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Προγράμματα Awareness

Our security awareness and training services are focused on the organization’s entire user population. The awareness program begins with an effort that can be deployed and implemented in various ways and is aimed at all levels of the organization including senior and executive managers.

An awareness and training program is crucial in that it is the vehicle for disseminating information that users, including managers, need in order to do their jobs. In the case of an information security program, it is the vehicle to be used to communicate security requirements across the enterprise.

Benefits of Awareness Program
  • Enhanced security and business continuity awareness: by enabling increased visibility of areas of concern and approved information security policies, practices and responsibilities.
  • Influence desired changes in corporate culture: by developing a team-oriented, customer-focused, value-creating, knowledge-based decision-making security culture.
  • Enhance effectiveness: by building relationships to obtain commitment, improve coordination and develop competencies.
  • Reduce Risk: by minimizing potential loss of critical information and revenue through due diligence.
  • Build customer trust: by enabling secure business environment.
Security Awareness Training
Supporting materials and communication
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