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Supporting materials and communication

The benefits to providing a good, well-constructed Security Awareness Programs are numerous. To keep the level of awareness within an organization people must continue to see the problem. Publicizing the security policy, showing why it is needed and identifying areas that need improvement will help employees become aware of how important security is and the vital role they play.

Creating this security awareness is a continuous process. Security Awareness Training is a first and essential step, but it must be followed by several other actions in order to have a long lasting effort. Therefore, several tools will be used to support the Security Awareness Program, and to remind all employees about its importance.

Communication Plan
Together with these tools, BESECURE can develop a communication plan that will clearly indicate how, and by what means, the Security Awareness Program will be distributed within the organization.

Web-based Security Awareness Sessions
BESECURE can develop web-based Awareness Sessions. These sessions are useful, especially when an organization has many people who are in several locations and who need to take the refresher course at a time that is convenient for them. Web-based courses are especially well suited for use with individuals who have diverse backgrounds and experience with technology.

In-house magazine
BESECURE can also assist an organization in raising the security awareness of their staff through a regular security column in a periodically in-house magazine, if published.

Supporting Materials - Tools and Giveaways
In addition to this BESECURE can develop a set of supporting materials to keep the Security Awaress Program alive. (This is not an exhaustive list, but only on overview of suggested tools that BESECURE can offer)

  • Posters on IT Security
  • Flyers
  • Screen Saver
  • E-Mails
  • Various give away items
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