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HISP Certification Training

Holistic Information Security Practitioner (HISP) Certification Course (5 days)

The HISP Training & Certification program is managed by the HISP Institution and was created to address the current shortage of skilled Information Security and Compliance professionals. HISP Certification course is the only integration course that provides practical education on the integration of best practices for Information Security Management, Information Systems Auditing and multiple Regulatory Compliance requirements and mapping multiple regulatory requirements to the internationally accepted best practices framework of ISO/IEC 27002:2005 and the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standard. The class covers the mapping of ISO/IEC 27002:2005 with COBIT, COSO and ITIL then explains a methodology to map regulations such as UK Data Protection Act, EU Directive on Privacy, HIPAA Security, FFIEC, GLB Act, FISMA (NIST 800-53/FIPS 200), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Security), FACT Act, PCI Data Security (Visa CISP), California SB-1386, Canadian Bill C-198, OSFI, PIPEDA, PIPA, PHIPA to the ISO 27002:2005 framework. More information available online at www.hispcertification.com

Who should attend?
  • Anyone tasked with the implementation and management of an ISO 17799:2000 or ISO 27002:2005 based information security management system (ISMS)
  • Anyone tasked with ensuring compliance with UK Data Protection Act, EU Directive on Privacy, BASEL II, HIPAA Security, SOX Security, GLBA, California SB1386, FACT Act, PCI Data Security, NIST 800-53 and other regulations
  • Information security consultants or third party auditors
  • Auditors (External and Internal)
  • Information security officers
  • IT Managers/directors
  • Privacy/compliance officers

Learning Objectives
  • To obtain a good background in international best practices on Information Security & Audit Governance as well as general IT Governance i.e. ISO 27002, ITIL, CobiT and COSO
  • To take a holistic risk management approach to Information Security
  • To become a hybrid Information Security professional, well balancing technical and business skills
  • To function effectively as a CISO, CCO by tackling the challenge of Information Security as a business concern that is not solved by technology alone, but by People, Process and Technology
  • To be able to map International best practices of IS0 27002, ITIL, CobiT and COSO to current and future regulatory compliance requirements

Reasonable awareness of information security management.

Educational approach
  • This training is based on both theory and practice: Sessions of lectures illustrated with examples based on real cases
    • Practical exercises based on a full case study including role playings and oral presentations
    • Review exercises to assist the exam preparation
    • Practice test similar to the certification exam
  • To benefit from the practical exercises, the number of training participants is limited

Examination and Certification
  • The HISP Certification is being administered from the Holistic Information Security Practitioner (HISP) Institute (HISPI)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • A certificate will be issued to participants who successfully pass the exam and comply with all the other requirements related to the selected credential

General Information
  • Exam and certification fees are included in the training price
  • All attendees receive comprehensive course materials with reference materials, including: ISO 27002:2005 Compliance Student Guide, Information Systems Auditing Student Guide, HISP Case Studies and Exercises on ISO 27002, COBIT, and regulatory compliance
  • A participation certificate of 35 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits will be issued to participants
  • In case of failure of the exam, participants are allowed to retake the exam for free under certain conditions

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